Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will I finish?

When Ryan and I first got married (and I had a lot of free time), I decided I would make our Christmas stockings. My mom made stockings for my sister and I, and they were always one of my favorite decorations to put up. So before our first christmas as husband and wife, I made these:

These stockings are super easy to make. Any beginnner sewer could figure it out...but they are SO time consuming! It's all done by hand, and the cutting, threading the sequins, beads, stuffing, sewing, etc. takes a lot of time!!

When I was pregnant with Henry, I was determine to get his stocking done before he was born. I think I finished on Dec 20...he was born the 21st.

Today, our mantle looks like this:

Notice the space in between Henry's stocking and our pet's stockings? (Yes, we're THOSE kind of people) :) That's where Sam's stocking will eventually go, right next to his big brother.

Sadly, this will be Sam's SECOND christmas with us. I had high hopes of getting his stocking done before LAST christmas, but at the time, I had a breast feeding 5 month old and a 2 year old...time to sew was hard to find. I've been making progress... we've got the main part sewn...

There is still a snowman to make and some other stuff to complete. I'm close to step 60, I think. Just 15 more to go!!

I HOPE I get done before Christmas! Where else will Santa leave all his stocking stuffer goodies?!?

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