Sunday, December 5, 2010

December?! And a red wreath.

December sure got here quick! This is a busy month for us. In addition to all the normal holiday festivities, my oldest will turn 3 a few days before Christmas, and my husband will turn 38 a day after. So lots of partying at the Stag house!

To continue our family tradition, we shunned all Black Friday madness and stayed home to put up our Christmas tree and decorations. The tree has been up almost a week and a half, and nothing has been pulled off, broken or destroyed...yet. I did participate in Cyber Monday, and bought myself a Silhouette ( If you look at any of the big craft/sewing blogs, they were all giving them away last week. I entered all the contests...and did not win. So I bought one instead. Hopefully all sorts of craftiness will ensue once my little machine arrives!

Until then, I've been working on some camo aprons for my dad to give his friends at Christmas, and I finally got around to spray painting my wreath. It was a little touch and go at first, but I think it ended up ok.

I bought some bright red spray paint. (Banner red, if you're interested), and got to work. After the initial coat, I was really nervous. The 'Banner Red' was not nearly as red as I had thought.

In fact, I was so disappointed, I started eyeing these in my backyard.

After another coat, I started collecting them.

But finally, after the 5th coat of spray paint, it began to look better.

Thank goodness! I would have been really upset if i ruined my acorn wreath!! After a short wait, it was back on the door. It was a windy, cloudy day, so my pics aren't great. I'll try to redo them the next time it's sunny.

Gotta say, it's growing on me! I'm still going to collect more acorns and make a second wreath. One to spray paint and one to stay natural.

Next up: Finishing Sam's stocking. (I hope!)

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