Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Fun

After a lot of great feedback about my towel/apron design, I've decided to try to sell them. I friend is hooking me up with a local craft show in Novemeber, so I'm going to see how it goes. So because I'm so excited, I spent a lot of my free time (otherwise known as naptime) working on more aprons.

I love all the fall fabric at Joann's!

We'll see how this goes! I've been sewing for years, occassionally making a t-shirt blanket or baby clothes blanket for friends. I would love to create an actual business! Mama needs to buy diapers! :)

When my two boys were awake, we spent a lot of time outside this weekend. Fall arrived in Texas, and it was WONDERFUL! No more 100+ degree weather! Henry and Sam LOVED playing in the backyard with bubbles.

Although Sam was more interested in eating the bubbles.

Overall, it was a great weekend!!


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