Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Great Idea

Sometimes, I have a great idea. I teach a class called 'Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness' to high school kids. In this class, we cook twice a week. Being the good example that I am, I wash my hands constantly throughout the day. I used to fling a dishrag over my shoulder, so it would always be handy. But then I would always end up wiping my hands on the bottom of my apron. So an idea was born.....

The only problem, is sometimes my towel gets REALLY dirty throughout the day. And I would hate to throw the whole apron in the washing machine when just the dish rag is dirty. The solution? Add some velcro!

Close up of velcro:

This way, I can just pull the towel off and attach a new one!

The possibilities are endless! A plain apron, with seasonal dish towels? Sounds good to me! Maybe I'll try that next.

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