Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I did it!

Since I'm on a brief sewing hiatus, I busted out the glue gun, a wreath and my bucket of acorns:

After baking them to kill any worms, bugs or other gross things that might be residing inside them (see last post), I carefully and slowly hot glued them to my wreath:

It eventually went all the way around...

And then came to reside on my front door!

And I LOVE it!! My gold fabric is not very attractive, but I was excited to get it hung. I bought some bright red spray paint that I'm going to use after Thanksgiving, to turn this into our Christmas wreath. But until then, I like the natural look. I got this idea and the instructions from Dana, over at Dana Made It, my all time favorite blog. The instructions are here:


I think Dana's is more cute, especially with the dark acorns, but I went with what I had readily available in my backyard.

And I love it! Yay!

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