Saturday, May 14, 2011

TWINS! (not mine!)

I set up shop at a local Garage Sale/Craft Show/Church Fundraiser a few weeks ago. I worked so hard for several weeks to get everything ready. Got up at 5:30 on a Saturday, set up by 6:30 and was ready to go at 7:00 am.

Sadly, it looked pretty much the exact same 8 hours later when we closed up. Apparently the garage sale portion did great, but the craft people...not so much! The only thing that kept me from getting totally depressed was that none of the crafters were selling anything. The organizer came by and apologizes and offered me an invitation to the Fall on the Mound Craft Show that the church has every year. So, at least it was something!!

The only other good thing was I handed out lots of business cards and a nice lady emailed me a few days later about creating a set of boy/girl onesies for a friend that was about to have twins. I'm an expert at the boy clothes, but haven't had to make a lot of girl onesies. We emailed back and forth and came up with a concept and design. I have to say, they came out SUPER CUTE! I love them!

And the best part...ruffles!!! As the mom of two boys, ruffles are not a big part of my life. So it was a lot of fun to make this little ruffle butt!

Since I've already got a ton of inventory for the fall craft show, maybe I'll branch out and try some girl clothes. And who knows what else!! :)


  1. These onesies are totally cute! Thanks for sharing them. I love the black and red color scheme. I am your newest follower. I would love it if you would come over to Greetings From the Asylum and follow me too!

  2. Super cute! I love the colors you used!

  3. Very adorable!!! I love the black & red! :)